You can find me online if you know where to look...

I do have a Twitter account, although I will confess I don't tweet very often. A better bet is Facebook, where I have finally put together my Author Page, with a promise to keep it as up to date as I can. Come like me. And there's my Amazon page. Everything books!

Of course, I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter, because I will sometimes offer contests and cool prizes. So that's highly recommended if you want to stay on top of what's happening in my crazy world.

It wouldn't be my website without a mention of my Art! For more years than I can remember, I've enjoyed creating various kinds of art, and these days I am very pleased to be working with my peers in the publishing world. I enjoy making an author's vision come to life; giving them a cover for their book that makes them even more excited to go out and talk about it. A lot of my own cover art is up at Deviant Art, and my writing partner Sahara Kelly and I have formed a little art business. Together we've produced ebook and print book covers, and a whole bunch of other promotional graphics. Here are the links to some of this stuff... please come visit?

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